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What Are Wax Melts? Use Wax Melts.

What Are Wax Melts? Use Wax Melts.

Wax melts are pieces of scented wax, often designed in beautiful shapes, colours and sizes that when heated in the top of an oil burner release a beautiful aroma into the room. Unlike candles, you do not directly light wax melts as they don’t come with a wick. Depending on the shape they take, they are sometimes known as wax tarts or cubes – however, you’ll find ours take the shape of adorable little green hearts.

While candles use the flame of their lit wick to melt the wax, wax melts have no wick and need to be heated using an oil burner. Small but mighty, our wax melts are crafted from a highly-fragrance soy wax blend to ensure long-lasting fragrance release.

To use wax melts you’ll need an oil burner to heat them up and cause them to melt, releasing their fragrance. Add a couple of wax melts, depending on how strong you like your fragrance to be, to the reservoir at the top of your oil burner.

If you’re using an electric burner, follow the instructions to switch it on. If you’re using a tea light oil burner, place a tea light in the recess at the bottom of the burner and light the tea light. The heat from the flame below will gradually melt the wax, releasing the scent.

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How Long Do Wax Melts Last?

The length of time wax melts last varies by the size and number of melts used, our Earth Secrets tins contain 50 melts which last for up to 100 hours of fragrance while each The Scented Home Wax Melt lasts for up to 10 hours, giving up to 80 hours of scent per pack. If there’s melted wax left in the reservoir of your burner after use, you can also save this and reuse next time, extending the life of your melts.

When melting wax melts, make sure to check the safety instructions of the oil burner you are using for any guidance on how long the burner can be safely used for – some advise not to exceed a certain time period in one go.


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