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Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks


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Light an Incense Stick and relax and breathe in the soothing aroma. It is made up of fragrance notes including Egyptian Amber, White Mocha Truffle, Black Cedarwood & Juniper, and Black Amber Lavender. Enjoy the soothing aroma with our Incense Sticks. It is also commonly used for meditation purposes and used as a fragrance in any space. No harmful chemicals are used. For external use only.

Fragrance Notes
  • Baby
  • Moonlight
  • F’n Fabulous
  • Tropical
  • Egyptian Amber
  • White Mocha Truffle
  • Butt Naked
  • Black Sea
  • Breezy
  • Free-ish
  • Stormy
  • Black Cedarwood & Juniper
  • Black Amber Lavender
Product Details
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Handmade.
  • Can be used daily.
  • No paraben or phthalate cruelty.
How to Use

Your incense sticks should be placed on an appropriate incense burner that will catch the ash as it burns. If required, trim the stick to ensure a good fit. Burn the incense stick’s tip until the flame takes hold. Blow gently to put out the flame. It is suitable for daily use. Maintain a cool, dry environment.


Before usage, read and follow all. Keep out of children’s and animals’ reach. For External Use Only! Do NOT Consume.

Weight 3 oz


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